WOW. I finally won! And by that I mean since I was 18 years old I have never voted for a president that had won the office. I was a Perot gal, a Kerry gal, a Edwards gal, even a write-in gal. But now I’m 100% an Obama gal!  I’m sure going to try to be a gracious winner, but being a gracious loser is all I’ve known.  This time my one vote counted.  Honestly it’s a very strange feeling, to research, and donate, and hope, and believe that a person with ideals, values, and a background close to mine will actually be sitting in the Oval Office.  I didn’t vote for Obama because he grew up in a single-parent household, or that he is bi-racial, or that he grew up ‘poor’.  Those things are either the past or things that cannot be changed – so why waste the energy trying?  I voted for him for what he brings to the future – MY future.

With all of that said, I did want to take the time to send Senator McCain and Governor Palin a message (which I copied below) through their website.  After all, I am very used to being on the losing end of the vote, and I know how much at a time like this it is healing to have the ‘other side’ reach out.  I want this country to be whole and to move forward together to better the conditions for everyone, not just those that voted a certain way, but for the sake of my family.  Maybe in the weeks and months ahead McCain and Palin will flip through the messages people send them and know that this “one little blogger and mom of two” didn’t draw a hard line in the sand and glare at the other side, but understood that they wanted to heal this country – they just had a different plan to get there than I did.

Thank you for your service and dedication to our country and government.  While my heart and personal values lead me to vote for Senator Obama and Senator Biden, I truly believe that had you been elected, you would have served our country as a wonderful and compassionate President.

To Governor Palin, I applaud you, as a woman and mother, of your work as governor of Alaska and your work with the Republican party.  I am sure there is a future for you in government above the position you hold now, and I anticipate seeing you serve this country in whatever capacity you can.

Thanks to all your volunteers (of which my Godmother was a leader and trailblazer in Tennessee), without the passion of the individual people in this country, neither party could be where it is today.

Again I say thank you Senator McCain, and I wholeheartedly look forward to watching you serve our country in the Senate.

Hopefully they receive thousands of notes like mine.  Maybe you should send one too.  Time to heal, time to unite, time to move on.

Obama/Biden ’08!

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