Not that it matters all that much to me to have 2 extra days off work, I work from home! So I work nights/weekends, and not during the day. Or when the phone rings. Or when a client emails me. Technically I think I work part-time, but the hours can be a bitch sometimes. Like take last night, I was up until 5AM – uh, working….is Second Life part of my job? Honest, I’m not even really tired although my arse was up at 8AM makin’ coffee. Dang Aussies – pronounced with ZZZZ’s I hear – keepin’ me up. They are getting home from work when my butt should be in bed. Good thing I’m the boss, or I’d get fired for slacking off.

Got new neighbors in Second Life, good thing they like to party. I’ll talk a bit on my podcast, I’m sure, but go check them out for yourself – Out of Order Podcast. The Goddess and the Banana are across the way too. Pete and Renee are next door, that’s why I picked that lot, but they have got a busy summer goin’ on! Keeping my fingers crossed for a new neighbor right across the water… gotta freak up the neighborhood!

Tomorrow is a trip to LBI for a BBQ to celebrate Independence Day with family. It is gonna be broiling hot. I’ll have to take pictures, and maybe some rouge audio interviews. Hmmm, may be a good opportunity to break out the video camera…. do I sense the first-ever PB&J vidcast coming? I am a voyeur after all….