Power went back on at my house around 4:30pm or so yesterday, so I didn’t have to go over my Mom’s for the night to mooch her air conditioning. My face/nose isn’t quite as swollen any longer, either. The one major bummer was that I had to dump everything from the fridge and freezer. So not only am I kicking ass on this diet, I now have NO food in the house to be tempted by. Kinda sucks.

I changed the blog up a bit, the old one was way too hard to read. Still have to tweak a few things, but it will get there. I’m looking for a quick and easy script I can pop in the template to let me cycle through a bunch of graphics. I got really used to switching my clothes in Second Life at the click of a mouse, and don’t really like to see her up in the corner in the same clothes all the time. It’s not a sickness until it’s been diagnosed folks….

Only two nights left of my Second Life binge. Well, at least I cleaned the house to compensate for the guilt. I think I am due at least one more night out next week – besides RICK. I’m stir crazy. Or just Crazy (yes with a capital C).

Oh, did I mention I’m on a Rick Springfield bender again? Going to see him July 27th. So be prepared… I will have to temporarily suspend my Second Life addiction to go see Rick. Some of you may think I have a “problem”, but the fact is, I cleared out the back of my truck in case Rick decides on an unplanned trip to my house…. And, no, this blog cannot be used for evidence.