So last night I get caught in the storm of the millennium. Thought I outran it, but it caught up to me in my driveway. Power got knocked out just as I pulled up to the house – I saw the porch lights go dim. So the garage door opener doesn’t work … and the front door looks a mile away. Hail the size of walnuts, and sideways rain. My daughter and I are stuck in my SUV for over 20 minutes, in a scene that looks like a cross of Twister and Cujo. My truck was rocking side to side so violently that the wind actually picked it off the ground for a few seconds and came slamming back down. It is times like that as a parent your instinct to protect and comfort your child completely overrides your primal fear to scream and run in circles like an ass.

My reward this morning for protecting my daughter and keeping her calm through a storm that could have traumatized her (and me) for life … she dislocated my nose. Not broken mind you, but kicked me right in the face with her almost-5 year old feet. As I was waking her up for school, she was playing around and threw the covers over my head, then something startled her and she thrust her feet out trying to back up on the bed. Unfortunately my face – make that my NOSE – where there to meet the heels of her feet.

How do I know my nose isn’t broken? Well, after I got the composure to get her ready for school, I dropped her off at preschool, and drove myself to the hospital. A few quick xrays later says that only the cartledge is a bit off kilter and really swollen. As is the front of my face. My eyes, luckily, are not all that black… yet. I’ve been told it’s coming. As the entire front of my face is killing me, I think I will go get that prescription the ER doctor gave me. At least I didn’t need those stupid band-aids on my nose…well then at least this huge nose on my face would have an excuse.

OH! Did I mention I’m sitting in Panera Breads – when I’m on a diet that doesn’t’ let me eat bread? And I’m sitting her because I still don’t have power in my house, and won’t for at least a day. It seems that while Mother Nature was kind enough not to hit my house with a direct bolt of lightening, dozens of trees around my house got hit, as well as three power converters. So, no power = no air conditioning, no fridge, no sump-pump (so my basement ‘may’ flood), no tv/computer/Internet. And that is why I will be living at Panera Bread for the next day or so. They have free Wi-Fi and assorted power outlets for my laptop. As I’m extremely confident that their connection here won’t support my Second Life addiction, so I’m TOTALLY not a happy girl.

Rumor has it from the lady sitting across from me that my power may not come back until THIS WEEKEND. Hello, Panera Bread? May I have a key please????