Patio in ProgressIt was worth the wait.  The patio isn’t even finished yet (today should be the last day – landscaping & sealing) but I’ve already got my frozen margarita mix ready to go!  In the picture the crew had just finished stamping the pattern into the wet cement and finishing up the sidewalk up to the driveway.  I’m not too sure how long it takes for 8″ of concrete to cure (the steps are even thicker) but it seems okay to walk on already.  Of course I meant to put all of our first initials in the concrete and I forgot!  The steps leading out of the kitchen door had to be modified before they poured the cement, my husband realized that our poor blind pug would probably just walk right off the edge (even though it was just two steps high) and hurt herself.  We had the crew reform the mold to make wrap-around steps and it looks even better than I hoped!

Our old lawn furniture will have to be scrubbed clean to use, but at least we have new cushions for the set.  We had tried over the ten years of us living here to use the backyard ‘patio’ area with just the grass, but it’s never the same.  Official outdoor living space was needed.  Early this year we bought a fire pit and a swing seat, and trying to use them while out on grass was awkward.  This patio will get great use for a long, long time.  We’ve got birthday parties coming up and with any luck, Matthew Ebel can make a trip out our way for a concert tour.  No doubt we’ve got the space to hold all his fans!