I didn’t have allergies growing up, but I have them now.  I wonder how that happens?  I think it was during my pregnancy with my daughter that I started noticing that every spring and fall my eyes would get watery and itchy.  Now after two kids, I’m destroyed.  Every symptom listed on the marketing literature for every major allergy medication is exactly what I have.

The entire holiday weekend I squandered holed up in the house hiding from all the pretty things outside because it made me feel like garbage.  Gorgeous flowers in bloom, my little veggie  garden growing steadily, a brand new patio, and a busy bird feeder all go unappreciated because I’m inside hiding from it all.  Sleepy even after coffee and naps, I have walked into walls in a haze for days.  Even after getting to sleep in this morning until 10am – which I haven’t done in years – didn’t help.  What a complete waste of a gorgeous weekend with my family!

All hail Zyrtec because so far that’s the only thing that has cleared up 90% of my allergy symptoms.  The only thing I’m left with is a hardcore snuffly nose, which all things considered I’ll take.  It’s the sort of thing where you really want to roll up two tissues and shove them up each side of your nose, even in public.  Small price to pay for the pressure in my head to be gone.  Not sure if my family is thrilled with me making loud nose-sucking-in noises every 32.1 seconds, and strangers look at me like I’ve got some sort of drug problem.  My daughter has been on Zyrtec for awhile now, but it never occured to me I should take it too.

Speaking of which, I should go take my tiny happy pill now and get some more shut-eye.  Maybe I can enjoy *next* weekend outdoors!