Pure Intentions Fit + SlenderLast summer I  cleaned out my closet and gave my mom (who is much shorter and thinner than me) some of the clothes I was too big for.  At the time I was a Size 14 and anything under a Size 12 was just pathetic.  Drum roll please…good news! I can finally fit into some of my old Size 10 capri jeans for the summer! My mom gladly gave me back some of the pants because she’s shrunk a size or so herself.  The key to my ongoing success, besides not binging on white chocolate chunk cranberry cookies? WATER. H2O. AGUA.  The only issue – I hate to drink it ‘plain’.  If I don’t get in my 8-10 8 oz glasses a day my weight loss either stalls or even reverses a little.  I was using some of the sugar free drink mixes for awhile, but if I drink too many of them I get headaches (most have aspartame, and if I have to have an artificial sweetener, it has to be Splenda).  Besides, now that I’m really paying attention to what I’m eating and drinking, it seemed counter-productive to be putting ‘nothing’ into my belly.

Enter Pure Inventions water supplement.  You just add a dropper to your own glass of water and not only are you getting something that tastes a whole lot more interesting than plain water, it has extracts that are actually good for you.  I tried the Green Tea Raspberry and the Fit + Slender blends.  Sometimes I use them by themselves, sometimes I mix them.  Go check out the website to read up more on each flavor and all the other blends they have.  To be honest it was really hard to tell if the claim of appetite suppression was true or not, because drinking the water may have been the reason I didn’t feel hungry.  I can tell you that they taste great, not overly sweet like the sugar free drink mixes.  I don’t get a headache the next day like I do from artificial sweeteners.  I *feel* better and can go without coffee or diet sodas.  And there is little chance that I would be consuming all the other healthy extracts and antioxidants that Pure Inventions contains.  So to me it’s a win-win situation, I drink all the water I need to in order to get healthy and lose weight and I do my body a favor by giving it the things it needs to function better.

Next on my list to try is Tranquility, well, because I can really use some way to help me unwind after an entire holiday weekend of kids climbing all over me.  Oh and I can’t forget about the Chocolate Cocoa, because every girl needs chocolate!  I still prefer to drink my red grape antioxidants straight from the Merlot bottle though!

[Disclosure: I was sent two bottles of Pure Inventions to try out at no cost to me, which rocks because I was going to buy it anyway.]

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