Much to do…much to do, but all I’ve done so far was take a nap on the couch. Yesterday was busy, drove into Philly in the morning and went to my daughter’s softball game (they won) in the evening. Our Memorial Day to-do list isn’t that long but it sure is time consuming, and none of it includes the shore, amusement parks, or anything remotely vacation-like. My wrist is all mangled up and I’m going to have a difficult time providing check marks on that to-do list (reassembling our shed is one of them). Allergies are making me all groggy and foggy while the heat is making me sleepy. Not a good combination if you want need to be productive around the house.  The baby took a 3+ hour nap today and somehow I have to get the family motivated to get off their butts and get ready for a BBQ and cake to celebrate my youngest brother’s college graduation.  The thought of getting up from this chair and out from under this ceiling fan is not appealing to me in the least.

…Oh wait, the baby is up now, time to start jumpin!!