Some days, like today, I kind of wish I was a fashionable gal – home decor queen, style fashionista and a domestic goddess. I could write lots of blogs on home decor and the latest trends in fashion and shoes and kitchen plates. I like to read about all that, but don’t think that I’ll ever be that glamourous.  I’d love my house to look like something in a magazine, and actually know where to go to buy all that stuff.  I buy the bulk of my clothes at the local warehouse store – no, not Walmart or Target – but at BJs and Costco.  I’ve been banned from Payless by my podiatrist, so now I’m like a fish out of water with regards to shoes.  (Do fish wear shoes? Never mind…)  I would have pretty dishes and glasses in my kitchen cabinets instead of decades old Tupperware bowls that are past their prime.

Maybe someday. Just not right now.  First I have a house to purge and weight to lose.  Luckily I’m making great progress on both.  Now I just need to find out how to combat my finely-tuned inner cheapskate and stop shopping for clothing the same place I purchase toilet paper.

Sadly I’m just a tech geek, and that isn’t very glamourous – *ever* – unless you’re iJustine.  I need to be a geek girl with a sense of style – and not just on my computer desktop!