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This is our widowed neighbor Jo who is rather awesome. Occasionally, she will reach out to us because she needs something opened be it a bottle of medicine or more often wine. Not the regular little bottles, but BIG JUGS of it. Apparently, she's a partier.

During these requested visits I typically wind up telling her we will stop over and say hi sometime but I always forget to do that. Well, I remembered on Saturday morning and so Adela and I picked a few flowers and chose an old art project from school and walked them both over.

She was happy to receive the flowers and art, and we spent a very nice 10 minutes there chatting and tickling the ivories. Felt good to do that, and Adela enjoyed it, too. She asked this morning when we were going back to visit Jo.

Soon, I told her. I have a feeling she will hold me to that.

Thanks, +Daniella Ayala {and +anMitchell Stauber, too}.

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