Today is the last day to get early bird registration for the 2012 SoMeBizLife Conference. Several SMC Philly members speaking: +Don Lafferty, +Cari Sultanik, +Lynette Young, +Cecily Kellogg, Brendan W. Lowry, +Chuck Hall, Neal Wiser, and Jessica Rubin Cohen to name a few. Just $49 for a whole day of programming + networking breakfast + after party! Here's the speaker lineup, and you can see the agenda and registration on the site as well:

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SoMeBizLife — Social: Media, Business & Life | 2012 SoMeBizLife Speakers
The 2012 SoMeBizLife Conference features a phenomenal lineup of speakers. Bios and social media contact information are being added on an ongoing basis. (Speakers are listed alphabetically by first na…

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