+Brock Predovich & +Yifat Cohen are very flattering to me here! I'm happy to be on their show on Thursday January 12th at 3pm Central (4pm Eastern). They run a LiveStream as well (or I may have to On Air it!)

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Another Amazing Session of EI (Entrepreneurial Interviews) on Google+ Hangout Next Week Featuring the "Queen of G+ Awesomeness" +Lynette Young !

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Yes, +Yifat Cohen and I (+Brock Predovich) will interview Lynette, Founder of Women of Google+ (WomenOfGPlus.com) and uncover her amazing story! What strikes me most about Lynette and her story is that her success exemplifies something that few entrepreneurs understand… "Leadership!"

When Google+ was still in Beta, many naysayers said that Google+ was just filled with a bunch of dudes..! Lynette said; "Oh, heck NO! There are plenty of strong, powerful, awesome women on this platform that are simply rocking it!."

SO, Lynette did something that most people don't. She took massive action and became a leader. She rallied all the women of Google+ around her and formed WomenOfGPlus.com where they could interact, share, learn from one another and help promote each other's endeavors.

Instead of saying; "Why should it be me…?" Lynette said: "Why NOT ME!" An essential statement that brought Lynette great success by first serving others and becoming a leader!

We're so excited to interview Lynette and share her knowledge, inspiring story and leadership lesson with all of you. So, come join us Next Thursday the 12th @ our regular time of 3PM Central.

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