I was at SxSW this past spring. A good number of people were talking about this guy (Matt Van Horn), the company (Path), & the session (Adding Value as a Non-Technical No Talent Ass-Clown).

That guy? TOTAL ASSHOLE. I would have paid money for someone to put me on a panel against him. I'd send him home to his parents with his tail between his legs.

PS – Geeklist, I'm available to sit on your "Women in Technology" advisory board (for a fee, of course) and maybe talk to you about why trying to sell teeshirts using a stripper pole is alienating 1/2 the geeks in existence.

For the record, THIS is what I think can happen when you give people that are inexperienced in the ways of business a ton of cash and no supervision.

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"Gangbang Interviews" and "Bikini Shots": Silicon Valley’s Brogrammer Problem
For startups like Path, recasting geek identity with a frat house swagger is a dangerous game.

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