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Why I love G+

The comparison to Facebook is continuous but pointless. G+ is not comparable to Facebook,it is different and is used differently.

Google+ is far more social, in that its users reach out to people all over the world, that they otherwise wouldn’t have access to. It isn’t a place to collect already made contacts,it’s about making new contacts and broadening horizons.

Google+ opened up worlds to me that I would never have entered or had access to in any other part of my life. I would never have sat down with marketing/social/media experts and been listened to, let alone helped and reached out to.

+J.C. Kendall +Denis Labelle +Mike Downes +Thomas Morffew +Peter G McDermott +Rod Dunne +Bruce Garber +Joseph Puglisi

At Facebook I have people that I love and cherish..but I don’t always have people who share my interests………….at Google+ I have been enjoying Art,design,philosophy,music,television,cooking,travel,marketing,journalism,entertainment and have had access to some of the best IT minds ever and I have spent hours of fun enjoying the most amazing photography.

+Dede Craig +P E Sharpe +Rodney Pike +Russell Deasley +Mike Shaw +byron rempel +vanessa stone +Gene Bowker +John Kampsen +paul stickland +Brian Joergens +Chef Dennis Littley +Jasbir S. Randhawa

All these people from all these fields are available to ME ..I can talk to them ask them questions,chat with them,hangout with them.Where in the whole world have you ever been able to just Hangout with a television news team and Hollywood stars? Well you can here at G+

+Tshaka Armstrong +Maria Quiban +Sarah Hill

Power to women …so many brilliant,talented beautiful women..showing and sharing their talent,intelligence,their humour, their business genius and writing talents.

+Lynette Young +Vicki Elam +Kate Savage +Te-Erika Patterson +Jaana Nyström +La Vergne Lestermeringolo Thatch +Liza Sperling +Mary Sass Clark

I can sit in a hangout with people I have never met before in my life,who come from so many different backgrounds and talk,laugh,learn,sing,teach and share. Nowhere in the world is there an opportunity to do this anywhere,there is not one place in the world that offers this type of social.

with people just like me too
+Chris Curtis +LD Williams +Cat Palmer +Sush Rose +Farzana Shan +Jake Sharman +JenX Terrible +Sean Nomura-Taylor +Terence Petersen-Ajbro
+Maryanne Smith +Jenny Mackie
Muscians have the chance to bring their music directly to people all over the world,not limited to street bars or concerts arranged by the limits of time and travel.
+HEATHER FAY +Ryan Van Sickle

Business people have the chance to present their product personally and answer questions directly,solve problems and build customer relations and there are hundreds of people here who are willing to help you achieve that goal…even for Gummy bears!!

I have circles full of the most amazing people,who without Google+ I would have missed out on,I have learned so much and been enriched by so many talented funny charming people.
+Bobbi Jo Woods +matthew rappaport +Lord Parker +Matt Holmes +Euro Maestro +Ivar Choi Espedalen +Justin Hill +Max Love +Max Huijgen

I cannot tell you enough that you are missing a wonderful amazing chance to be part of something special if you are not here.

You are missing the chance to make your presence known to a world of people who otherwise might never have known you,your business,your talent,your product,your genius,your compassion your humour,exist.

I cannot tell you enough Get after it as +Scot Duke would say, Get G+ing if you want to meet real people,with real interest in getting to know YOU

That’s why I love G+

So many more people who make this place what it is and work so hard to make this a wonderful community to be part of.
+pio dal cin +Robert Redl +Thomas Morffew +Moritz Tolxdorff +Gabriel Vasile

Thank you all.

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