As part of some information I needed to put together, I compiled a list of Google+ Verified Female Google+ users using +CircleCount's website and statistics.

I choose to highlight females, well, because I am one & I put together +Women of Google+ & +Google+ for Professional Women – so it is of interest to me.

What started this all for me was a conversation about how people interact within Google+ with others and if it has anything to do with circle growth. Also a topic of conversation was if followers diminished if people shut off access to who they follow – or follow a small number of people in return.

From my 'eyeball' look at the stats, it all comes down to having to actually talk to people in here, respond to comments, not have it be all about you (but that is shown not to be true in cases of entertainers, singers/musicians, or actresses – but that fits in with the line of their work, so no biggie). While I was first encouraged there were a good deal of writers, journalists, tech and science represented, as I got higher up the list I saw it was dominated by famous women who have their own 'built in' fan base and followers. Even before some of those account were populated or verified they had a very large circle / follower count (so much for needing to be active and engaging!)

Below I've tagged the ladies (the top followed verified female being Britney Spears at the bottom of the list) – but visit the attached spreadsheet to see a bit more of the info I pulled.

There is a notes field / tab in the spreadsheet to show some of my assumptions & to let you know this was in no way scientific <grin> just some manual information I collected from I have no way of knowing of any of the numbers or information is accurate. Sometime soon I may go back to CircleCount and see about brand pages, since that's a topic of research I'm covering as well. If there are any statisticians out there /cough/ +Paul Allen 😉 I'd love to see any places where information along these lines is compiled.
+Natalie Villalobos
+Malini Agarwal
+Nisha JamVwal

+Sarah Lane
+Sasha Grey
+Courtney Hazlett
+Miranda Cosgrove
+Nicole Scherzinger
+Xeni Jardin
+Jennifer 8. Lee
+Vanessa Hudgens
+Erin Andrews
+Sarah Perez
+Katie Couric
+Soraya Darabi
+Christina Perri
+Kate Walsh
+Limor Fried
+A.V. Flox
+Molly Wood
+Jillian Michaels
+Marissa Mayer
+Nicole Stich
+Ricki Lake
+Sarah Potempa
+Arianna Huffington
+Katie Parla
+Selena Gomez
+Maggie Koerth-Baker
+Elisa Camahort Page
+Justine Ezarik
+Denise Howell
+Sarah Hill
+Christina Warren
+Darya Pino
+Lynette Young
+Cali Lewis
+Amanda Blain
+Gina Trapani
+Mariah Carey
+Coco Rocha
+Linda Lawrey
+Li Anne
+Veronica Belmont
+Leodor Selenier
+Vivienne Gucwa
+Violet Blue
+Amber Mac
+Michelle Marie
+Lotus Carroll
+April Summers
+Daria Musk
+Victoria Justice
+Elena Kalis
+Lady Gaga
+Terra Naomi
+Jennifer Bailey
+Alicia Keys
+Rose McGowan
+Hilah Johnson
+Lea Michele
+Casey McKinnon
+Shay Mitchell
+Lisa Bettany
+Maria Bartiromo
+Jessi June
+Kina Grannis
+Jeri Ryan
+Dolly Parton
+Paris Hilton
+Kim Kardashian
+Felicia Day
+Tyra Banks
+Ashley Tisdale
+Britney Spears

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