Does parenting develop any skills you actively use in your career? I'm going to say YES.

One of my favorite executives +Marissa Mayer still seems to be a hot topic for articles – mainly because she is pregnant and heading up one of the giants of the Internet Yahoo!. Motherhood aside, it seems that parenting in general seems to prepare you for the challenge of being in a leadership position.

Here's my own list of parenting skills that directly transfer to my career:

1. Say NO. Often. I don't take clients that will be a bad fit just for the money, I don't let projects 'scope creep' very much, and I don't let my clients get taken advantage of by others. Some parents – and leaders – fear saying 'no' too much. I swing the other way, I say it loud and often. It's how I keep ships on the proper course. Every time you say 'yes' when you shouldn't you create a fork in the road that leads you off your target.

2. Quickly detect BS and call it out. I have an uncanny ability to sniff out all the bullsh!t and political nonsense that happens in working environments and either flush it out or stomp it down. My kids are also very fluid in their ability to constantly change up their tactics which keeps me on my toes.

3. Hear multiple conversations at the same time. Mostly because my entire family chooses to talk to me at the exact same time and I need to decipher it all simultaneously. You need to be able as someone in a leadership or professional role to keep you ear to the ground and hear what is being said (when it's not really being said). Know the ecosystem of your team, clients, and environment.

4. You become the world's best janitor. I used to tell people I was a janitor for a living – I cleaned up other people's messes. (Of course I mean that metaphorically.) Parenting gives you the same skills.

From the +The Huffington Post Parents article:

According to a recent survey of female executives conducted by my own firm [reference in article], 95 percent of female respondents believe parenting provides unique skills that are transferrable to the workplace. Interestingly, male executives feel the same — to the tune of 96 percent.

Now my question is…. do these parenting skills actually give you an edge over someone without them? And when might these parenting-acquired skills actually hold us back? (I'm not saying pro/con, just a point of discussion.)

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Motherhood Memo to Marissa Mayer: Parenting Skills Provide an Edge in the Workplace
Yahoo Inc.'s new CEO Marissa Mayer is about to add another valuable skill to her leadership toolkit: motherhood.

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