No surprise I am a fan of Google people & products but some things just don't make sense AT ALL to me. I have taken to using Google Checkin a bit more but for the life of me can't understand why Places and Checkins aren't linked. If you go to (while logged in) you can see a list of Places you have rated. Why (or where) can I get a list of all my Checkins (like I do with Foursquare)? I would love if the two were linked so I could rate all the places I check in to. Makes sense to me! All the user pictures taken with Checkins would get listed with Places…. And Maps. That's the kind of integration I need (and a tab in Google+ with the info and a map/timeline).

#JustAThought cc: +Vic Gundotra because he would know the right Googler to chat with!

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