I'm migrating most of my cloud storage and sharing to Google Drive. Being able to upload files to Drive and send links automatically from Gmail will be a total 'click-saver' as I go through this process several times a day, every day, to send files via email.

I currently use a mix of private FTP servers (still always will for some client & business content), Google Drive, and a paid subscription to Dropbox. I was hoping that iCloud from Apple could work, but I have one laptop that can't be upgraded to use it. Also, I don't like not being able to get my files when I'm out and on other machines as I can't always access a Mac.

As a small business, I will need to purchase more Google Drive space because I use cloud storage in place of a file server. No sense paying for a server and related upkeep and tech support when Google offers products I can use just fine. (Besides, my husband IS my tech support guru – he is a software developer and architect – but I don't pay him!)

I'd like to upgrade my Gmail account to Google Apps, but actually want to keep my @gmail.com mail address. Is that even possible??

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Google has integrated Drive with Gmail, enabling 10GB file transfers

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Google integrates Drive with Gmail, enabling 10GB file transfers
Users can now send files from Google Drive 400 times larger than is possible in a traditional attachment. Read this article by Casey Newton on CNET News.

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