Just in case you were wondering what I've been consuming extra coffee & teaching like crazy for – I'm working with Que Press to publish a book designed for solo & small business owners. This is sort of a companion book to +Chris Brogan's Google+ for Business book published last fall. Rumor is my book will be out this October, but preorders are up now.

No worries, I'm still hard at work for finishing up the online training series full of screencasts and how-to worksheets and videos. I've already got over 200 hours in 2012 of teaching Google+ to individuals, small & large companies that needs to get whittled down into clear, concise online training materials!

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Google+ for Small Business | Lynette Young
Google+ for Small Businesses is specifically written for the needs, resources and capabilities of solo and small business owners wanting to take advantage of the huge reach of Google+. As a small and …

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