Thanks to +Ana Visneski for her writeup on "Flip the Media". 

In case you weren't aware – I'm a 'one woman show' running +Women of Google+ and in the process of this week of updating the tutorials on YouTube!

My reasons for Women of Google+ are still the same as when I started over a year ago with the project. I've been in tech for 24 years and have seen a lot of change, but the one thing I know to be true is that when women come together to form a community and support each other, we ALL become stronger.

I am a digital explorer and entrepreneur and for me (and millions other people and businesses) Google+ has shown itself it be a solid and robust set of tools that allows US to communicate how we see fit. The 'ghost town' isn't in the tools or technology – it is in some people's inability to explore or imagine. Every time I'm told Google+ is dead, I wonder how dedicated those people are to expanding and growing their business or passions. There are far too many people sitting around patting themselves on the back for being 'early' adopters of digital social communications when in fact they have stagnated.

They are pulling over into the slow lane. That's fine by me. Those of us who choose to move forward will pass them by – we already are…

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Yes, I know. Google+ is dead. So says all sorts of “experts”. Google+ is dead, long live Google+. I sometimes think that the people who keep declaring it dead or a failure are not bothering to actuall…

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