I want to use it & I want to love it. So far I am greatly disappointed in the app. I wish I could get my hands on a +Samsung Mobile USA #android tablet to use in the place of my iPhone 4 (I have already purchased an iPad, so buying another tablet just for Google+ isn't in the budget). EDIT: I remembered I need a tablet that can do Hangouts, not sure if the Samsung's can.

Im' running:

– iPhone 4 running 5.1 (9B176)
– Google+ iPhone version 1.0.15

Much of this frustration comes today only because I was out of my office this morning and still had work to do. I had work that needed to be done online, in Google+, and was time sensitive. You try telling a client that the only app available for Google+ works like garbage. They think I'm lying – "it's GOOGLE for God's sake!" Yeah, I know. That's what I thought too.

What I find horrid with the mobile app:
1) No HD / iPad app. Google+ is not run by a money-strapped startup from a garage with two coders and a dream. There is no reason on Earth they should have a bare-bones iPhone app. I've seen startups out the gate living on ramen noodles in their mom's garage produce gorgeous and fully functioning apps (or even prototypes). Don't tell me it's because you are waiting until the desktop feature set is more robust. It's easy to update a mobile app. (PS – Still waiting for a +Schemer iOS app….)

Nearly half of Facebook's usage originates from a mobile device. Twitter is even higher. We can assume if the iOS app worked better here the trend would be similar. Hint. Twitter blew up when stronger mobile integration arrived.

2) Typing a status update is horrible. It takes no less than 20 seconds in between typing EACH AND EVERY LETTER into a post update from my phone. Hit the + key and count on a minute for the damn thing to respond again. I was away from my desk this morning & needed to push a few messages through Google+ for a client (see Number 4 to know how I have to jump between accounts) and it was physically impossible to type a two sentence update in under 30 minutes. REALLY???!!!! Is that productive?

3) No ability to act as a Google+ Page from the mobile app. Since we have no 3rd party dashboard support like +HootSuite (that I use for everything else and absolutely love) I am doomed to spend my professional life in front of a computer. Since Google+ isn't opening up a supported API anytime soon, make your own product better. Others are chomping at the bit to do it for you, but you aren't ready. I understand the API issue, really I do.

4) No single-sign on abilities across all Google iOS applications. I use two-step verification on my account, which means when I sign into a Google product on my cell, I need to quick! jump out and grab my pin from Google Authenticator just to use the app. Honestly, it's the worst user experience EVER. Add to the mix that I don't only use my Google account but those of my clients to run some of their properties online. Jump out of my account, into theirs (can't seem to use two-step with them because I can only verify ONE account on my cell phone), stumble around to do what I need to do, then go through the whole crappy sign on process again for my own account.


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