Hung out at +Megan Collier's today to check out some +Everlasting Present projects (she's AMAZING!!!) Came home to have a few local friends over to play Risk 2210 AD (got my backside whooped right at the end). Today was filled with geek fun – crafting and gaming – AND hanging out with friends.

It makes me sad to hear when people always have excuses for not keeping in touch with friends – laundry is piling up, errands to run, running the kids to 'whatever'. I know life gets busy, I'm as busy as they get. But you know what? When your time is up, you aren't' going to look back and say "wow, I never let my ironing pile up – my life rocked!", you are going to wish for more time laughing and talking with friends and family.

NO MORE BLOWING YOUR FRIENDS OFF FOR MUNDANE BUSY WORK! Say YES just once, or once more, to seeing friends.

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