Are there any companies you deal with that have turned around in your view because of your use with theirs of social media? I have a few, and a few that have sunk lower than low because of their lack of response in person, in a store, online, or via social media (Verizon I'm lookin' at you…)

On a personal level, I 'grade' a company by how well, how prompt, and how polite I have issues resolved and how long it took me to reach the right person to handle requests.

Within the first few weeks in Google+ the community managers were out in force helping out the population. I've also met probably three dozen or so Google employees at conferences and meetups or for meetings that have all been helpful and gracious even if it wasn't their department / job to deal with something.

Another example for me, +Comcastcares has done a turnaround via Twitter (not so much in Google+.) The way they treat me as a customer has changed my personal view of purchasing their products (not that I have much of a choice living out in farmland). I'm an advocate now 😉

With Facebook, I have clients that have paid tens of thousands (if not more) for ads and have never talked to a human being at Facebook. Do I personally care if I ever talk to a person at Facebook? No. But my clients do, especially the ones that are hyper-focused on providing exceptional customer service and support themselves.


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Google+ nabs top spot in customer satisfaction survey; Facebook falls
Google+ tied Wikipedia for the highest score. Facebook, which has been criticized for changes to its interface, had a lower score.

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