tl;dr = A true Contact Management System (CMS) tying together data, knowledge and people on a granular level in a type of data evolution only possible by mapping many-to-many strong and weak relationships.

I see Google moving from data to knowledge. In the past Google Search was the primary product (feeding Ads since they are a for-profit business) and that relied taking search inquiries input by people and teaching a computer how to analyze and compile the best data to return in a list (SERPS). Look how far we've come… Now information needs another layer to become almost intuitive on producing results, that's where SPYW (Search Plus Your World) comes in. This is the piece that requires not just human input, but human connections to create knowledge from data. Computers organize data, people create knowedge (the applied use of data). What is missing is what Google has just scratched the surface with in SPYW and Project Glass (among many others…)

How? Why? Well, based on my own need to retrieve data from Google (search), contacts I have, information my contacts have contributed (websites, blogs, G+posts, calendar, videos, etc.) and my need for this information based not only on who I know and what they did/said, but when and where as well as with who (whom? I never get that right!) else. Lots of pivots for data here. I now have Circles, which are a VERY early start to relationship mapping. Combined with Gmail, Checkins, Maps/Local, and Calendar/Events this could give me a start for making MY content and contacts (along with their knowledge) more '4th-dimention'. (THAT explination and conversation is deep, and way beyond the scope of me writing this post.)

It is no longer enough to me that SPYW return content to the top of the list because someone in my circles hit that keyword. What I need, and where I feel Google is going, is a way to analyze the data and relationships I have, interactions and data of their social graph of connections and structure it not like a flat web or circle, but more like a multi-layered and shifting sphere. Again, things I discuss and consult on in depth but wanted to touch on here today (and I haven't had coffee yet…)

The only way to move from contacts in Gmail and Circles in Google+ is via a true and robust Contact Management System (CMS). Let ME start to define how and where and why (both strong and weak) connected people to me provide unique value and knowledge. Once that happens, only then will the data online be able to be provided to me as a 'globe' changing every time one of my pieces of data pivots and even move past knowledge. Knowledge isn't a universally-accepted piece of content. Sure, some is, like how to control electricity. Other knowledge only transforms from data to appliciable use for specific instances, situations, and people. I can have all the knowledge in the world on something, but if i never have a need to apply it, it is useless. On the other hand, someone else may have an enormous amount of data they cannot convert to knowledge because they can't see it "in the right way." the key to this all is finding a way to connect data, knowledge and applied knowledge to find THE ANSWER. The answer is always different, depending on all thise data points and pivots….

I don't know if these ideas are unique to me, but I have been talking, teaching and consulting to them for well over two years and above and beyond Google. While others may feel or think some same ideas, it is my unique experience and results based on a million data points no one else has that makes MY knowledge on this topic so valuable and why my clients choose me over others. Sort of the same idea of why I know Google needs to develop ways for their products to take similar information and transform it into a unique experience based on a million data points to respond with and turn it into applicable and actionable knowledge relevant to our needs in the moment that we would choose above others.

Of course there is my fear that sharing a cat GIF will produce more conversation than a piece of my professional work and ideas… and I did type this before I had any coffee, but what are your thoughts?


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