I'm floored! Do you blog or update or post all throughout the day and wonder if what you chit-chat about makes a difference to anyone? I wonder/worry constantly. +Kirsten Griffith just totally made my day! Hangouts are AMAZING! Thank you so much Kirsten for blogging this. I always love to read what you have to say!

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Big thanks to +Lynette Young and +Adrienne Graham for tonight's hangout; for a while, I wasn't sure what I was gonna blog about tonight 😉 Looking forward to connecting more with each of you, and also to exploring hangouts with a bunch of rad people.

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Hangouts. | Femme Flavor
Google+ hangouts may be the solution to the nostalgia I've been feeling around the fact that chat rooms have fallen out of vogue. Tonight, I watched a broadcast of an interview Lynette Young hosted wi…

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