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Google+ Marketing: An Hour A Day – now live on a Hangout

I'm addicted. I know. I spend hours a day here and I enjoy every minute of it. But some people have a business to run, a book to write, or a job they have to go to. They can only invest an hour or two a day and they want to make it count.

So just for you, we're starting the New Year with +Chris Lang, the author of Google+ Marketing: An Hour A Day

When: Thur.@3pm central time/1pm pacific
What: A live Hangout & interactive broadcast so we can accommodate more than 10 people
Why: because you're worth it (and that's what we do). 🙂

So gather up all your G+ questions, type them bellow and let's milk +Chris Lang for all that he knows 🙂

You get invited to the Hangout by sharing, commenting and +1 so go for it.

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