Right here, right now, list out FIVE women who you feel have positively impacted the public perception within STEM fields. I can list 100 women who have been 'behind the scenes' but let's take a look at those willing to step out in the spotlight and bring attention to the rest of us.

For decades I have been content to be working hard behind the scenes, in the trenches, on the front line – however you want to phrase "not in the spotlight" – in the technology field. You know what? That's not acceptable any longer.

Women in STEM fields (science, tech, engineering & mathematics) need the collective power of both men and women to draw more attention to our very substantial contributions influence power in business. It's time to blow their horns for them…

+Rachel Sklar writes at +Newsweek and The Daily Beast:

In 2012 women are using technology for pushing forward and pushing back, revolutionizing so much that an entire industry has grown up around worrying about men … and yet the list’s “Revolutionaries” category has one woman in it. ?In 2012 +Sheryl Sandberg and +Marissa Mayer are two of the most visible and accomplished women in technology—hailing from the two leading new giants, Facebook and Google … and yet they're both consigned to the "Evangelists" category, while the "Innovators," "Visionaries," and "Builders" are all one long, unbroken stretch of dudes. ?So, progress? Not exactly. It's actually rather excruciating. And predictable. And backward. And I am here tell you why.

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Invisible Woman
Who’s missing from this list? All the digital ladies! It’s time to look where we’re not looking.

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