I've met the founder of +AboutOne and love her and the idea of this product/service. I need all my important paperwork available to me via my cell phone – and not just for the humans in my family!

One of my pugs has to eat only prescription dog food (HUA??!!) and I can't purchase it without a copy of the prescription card the vet gave us. I've taken pics of it with my cell phone but I can't search or tag it, so I sit at the checkout scrolling through 3,000 pictures to find it. (I usually don't.) Same goes with immunization records to send the preschool or summer camp. Or now keeping track of all my medical related 'things' after my arm surgery. I for one am signing up for AboutOne and seeing how I can (OMG FINALLY) keep all my stuff straight! Having it all 'in paper' at home is fine and well, but doesn't help me at all when I'm out of the house.

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So I've spoken extensively about the startup I've been working with, AboutOne. It's a really cool online family organizer. Would you please consider checking it out? It's free to sign up, and you'll get a year's premium account for free just be joining now.

Please. 😀


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AboutOne Online Family Organizer Shows You How to Get Organized
AboutOne online family organizer makes it easy to store and manage memories and household paperwork. Rewards you for getting organized. Free to get started.

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