When's the last time you hit a local business networking event? I went to a monthly 'coffee talk' meetup in Princeton NJ this morning and met with a good number of local business owners that take time out of their schedule to learn and teach each other about technology, marketing, public relations, and business practices they have benefited so our local economy can thrive. 

I've been to the general networking 'mixers' and they are BORING and not very helpful. The groups I like are where you actually LEARN something and help out other small business owners in the same boat (and regional area) as you. It also helps keep my sharp when it comes to issues and hurdles that my potential customers are having – find a problem, offer a solution.

Where and how do you network locally – offline?


For the record, I picked the most stereotypical 'business networking' graphic I had in my library. My version of business does not entail me wearing a pant suit.

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