Today I’m a video editing machine. More specifically, my computer is a video upload, download, rendering and editing machine. I’m logged in to different browsers under different YouTube accounts uploading (and downloading) multiple videos. I actually have to have a fan running on my computer it’s getting so hot from all the processing I’m doing. The work is for three different projects, so I’m very hesitant to start another work-related project at the same time. It is just too much for me to keep straight at once. As it is I nearly uploaded a video to the wrong YouTube account. Even though I’m ‘sitting around’ waiting for it all to complete so I can move to the next item on the checklist, I think I’ve hit the limit of my multitasking. If I throw anything else in to the mix I will start making mistakes.

All that video work means that my computer is pretty much useless for anything else expect for maybe straight typing and a wee bit of web browsing. So what am I doing that doesn’t require a ton of brain cells? Pinterest. It’s an addiction. I’m making a ‘vision board’ of what I would like my basement work area and desk to look like. Of course I’m years away from actually finishing my basement, but the motivation is enough to keep me going. More specifically, I need to purge the cellar and garage to streamline and de-clutter. Last year for my birthday I told my husband I wanted one of those construction dumpsters and a solid weekend of help to get rid of junk. Instead of doing it in May when it was warm, we’ve decided to do it in January. (It is currently 17 degrees outside…) Hey, whatever! I just want it done!

I feel like I’m slacking off quite a bit today, but in reality I’m getting a ton of much-needed loose ends taken care of. What a great start on the first official day of work in 2012. (Freelancers and small business owners know they have been working straight through the holidays, with a slight nod to Dick Clark on 11:55pm on December 31st). To be completely honest, Pinterest is a great idea that I’ve shared with a few of my coaching clients as a way to keep track of certain aspects of their goals. See, I guess I really am working!

The Women of Google+ project is settling into a bit of a schedule as well, which is nice. We’ve got a few brilliant writers contributing to the site. I had over 100 inquiries, but as I progressed through the list, people either fell out of interest or weren’t qualified at all.  Without a schedule, it will be impossible for me to handle it on my own. As it is, I really wish I had the ability to hire for the project, but I’m not making money from it – and therefore can’t spend to fuel it.

I’m planning a lot more time in my office over the next few months, and my speaking schedule has kicked right back into high gear after some (much needed) time off from Thanksgiving to New Years. I think I’ve been in my office three days in the last four months! I have either been home working with the kids, or out on the road. Being in a proper working environment will help me get back on track as well!

Ok, I’m done with my little ‘mental break’ – now it’s time for more video work!!