When I first saw +Loren Feldman online some years ago, I thought he was pretty abrasive and a bit very cocky. Now I just think he seeks out the line other people are afraid to cross & skips and whistles right over it.

Right now he's running a Kickstarter (I just donated, it's well worth every penny to me) to create a documentary/story talking about the roots of what now exists to be the powerhouse of tech and social media. Part of me wishes I was in the spotlight enough to make rank, but I've seen how much he digs into a story, and I'm not sure I'm ready for that!

Recently, due to Google+, I've gotten a chance to know Loren a bit and have had a few calls and chats with him off line. He's brilliant, so brilliant I honestly don't know how one person contains it all. He's also modest, but honest. Loren is wicked talented too, not just content with being a video guy, he's the type of person that can coax the story that needs to be told out of the most unlikely of subjects.

He's seen a lot and heard a lot (and filmed a lot) in the early days of new media / social media and the world of tech superstars and the inevitable debauchery. Loren is the kind of guy you would love to have talk about you, unless it's because you did something stupid – then you want to crawl under a rock. He calls all the nonsense and diva rockstars out on the carpet and doesn't really care if he's unpopular, he has a story to tell.

The story Loren is looking to create is the story of my own industry and the type of people that many look up to in admiration. Many deserve accolades, some don't, but it will be a great ride in any case. I trust Loren to let the story – and I really want to see it from his perspective.

I want his Kickstarter to full fund quickly and blow the top right off his goal. It will be honest and chaotic, and it will sure as hell be interesting! Give up some coffees to throw his way, it's more than worth it.

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Wanna help me tell a story? Kickstarter is live.


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┬ęSoMe – Tales From A Social Media Expert
A story about social media and how it effects us as individuals and as a group. Told through the eyes of video artist Loren Feldman.

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