This year I have decided to do something pretty radical for me. I've signed on to help promote the +Stand Up To Cancer fundraiser. It's not that I'm not charitable or don't ever share worthwhile causes with the people that I connect with, but it felt very serious to be counted on to represent a cause so big that it has affected every single person I know directly or indirectly. This is serious so I have to help.

How do I know I made the right choice for supporting Stand Up To Cancer? The very same day I had a call with some of the organizers of SU2C, I got a message that my best friend from childhood had to put her mom in hospice because of end-stage cancer. This was the woman, my second mom, who fed me dinner when it was tough for her for even tougher for my own mom to put food on the table. She let us sneak into her son's room and play his records when he wasn't home and danced to the 'rock & roll' we played when she though we weren't looking. Cancer has made the last decade of her life a fight, when it should have been a blessing. It just has to stop in my lifetime. I don't want to pass this on to my own kid's generation. Enough is enough.

Every day in America 1,500 people die despite the fact that the means to save them are literally within our reach. That would wipe out my entire town in less than a week. It really put things into perspective for me. What would that look like? This week, my town GONE. Next week, the town next to me. The week after… 

While all the celebraties will be on television at 8pm EST Friday September 7th on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, HBO and many more (in the United States), it's not the 'famous' people that really make the difference. It's US.

How You Can Help

1) Visit and donate if you can. (Every $1 helps.)

2) Sign up with Facebook and/or Twitter at to use your voice online to send a message to everyone you know that raising money for cancer research needs to happen to find a cure.

3) Tweet using the #IStandUpFor  hashtag, especially during the broadcast on September 7th.

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