I have been talking to a lot of people (and companies) about Google+ lately. I'm "back on the saddle" after my surgery & excited to be out in public again! What it comes down to me is this, the "how" of Google+ is easy. There is plenty of information floating around that will walk you through posting, updating, Circles, Hangouts, etc. Yes, that is imortant to teach & know, but I see far too many people getting hung up on the fact their perception that it's "too hard to figure out, no one to talk to in here, a ghost town, it doesn't work and/or a waste of time."

I call bullshit.

My first thought was that those people are lazy. After talking to many one to one, I now see it's a lack of "why" that has them stalled. Sure, I can teach you every single thing there is to know about the mechanics of Google+ but if you have no motivation to be here, all of that information is pointless.

So I have been talking about the "why" of Google+. I have had more than a few people tell me (and their entire social graph) that the lightbulb has finally gone off for them. Good. Let's see if we can reach more people and spark them as well. So, you ask, what's the WHY?

Coming from a business/professional point of view (because that is the position I work from) I see Google+ as the bridge that connect the information of the Internet and the knowledge of your friends. Think about those tow words for a minute. Information & knowledge. One is data and the other is the applied use of that data. Computers (and search engines) cannot really apply knowledge to data, but humans can write algorythms to better sort and curate that data. People (in my opinion) are the only way to turn information into knowledge. As my view is that Google as a company wants to transition from a information source to a knowledge source (hellllllo Search Plus Your World & Knowledge Graph) they need us to make the lines between data points and apply value. I beleive THAT is the reason you, your company, and your brand need to be heavily and actively involved in Google+. personally, I value the community here, but from a business point of view, that's an entirely different conversation. My point is, if you want to create and influence the knowledge on the internet about yourself or your business, YOU need to actively shape that and build youw own "knowledge footprint" – and I strongly feel that stRts with Google+.

I am working on an in-person, hands-on, intermediate+ to advanced+ level 1-2 day workshop to do a deep dive into these ideas and concepts that teach detailed strategic and tactical applications of Google+. Yes it will cross over into other social media platforms. Why? Because social isnt't about the tools, it's about the people (we just use the tools as a facilitator to get to the actual conversations). While I'm on the hunt for a operational coordinator and info marketing specialist, my plan is to hit Chicago, Atlanta, Pheonix, Orlando, and Philadelphia. Thses secondary cities/markets are under-served as far as professional education goes (in my opinion).

The talks I have been doing at conferences don't truely let me cover all the things I feel need to be discussed and discovered about Google+. The idea of standing in front of some people in an audience is great for general exposure, but what I really desire is to share – and create – knowledge. I have heard there are a few presenters at the event I am at now that are very against Google+. I looked up their profile and they have no information, not many in their circles, and no posts. Yes, it doesn't work for you but just because you are lazy and think this is the Field of Dreams and people that don't know you will automagically gravitate to your empty profile and give you business is delusional. Even for those that are giving it a try, you need to go back to Social Media 101 to learn how to reach out and converse FIRST.

Anyone that gets on a soapbox and tells me Google+ is a waste of their time needs to come see me and chat for 15 minutes one to one. I promise you will walk away a changed, and educated, person. ūüôā


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