LynetteRadio 2015 Thankfulness

Today I am thankful for my health.

Well, I’m happy that I’m working towards better health. After three knee surgeries (with more to go), two kids (and c-sections) and one really serious arm surgery over the years and I’m looking to the new year to get back to the gym. Next year I unequivocally turn mid-40s and things just don’t get easier from there! Two friends have separately recommended the same book, “Younger Next Year” and “Younger Next Year for Women.” I finally picked up the women’s version and it scared the daylights out of me even though at 44 I’m a bit “too old” for the intended reader of the book. Scary none the less. I don’t want to wind up with a pharmacy of pills (I’ve already got two that seem to be pretty unavoidable regardless of my general health – thanks heredity!) and I don’t intend on more. I would also like to live an active life, just like the one my husband and I plan for with our business. I’m thankful that I don’t have anything other than heredity and a few (dozen) extra pounds “wrong” with me, but that doesn’t mean I plan on sitting back about it. There is a new gym opening up near me and I fully intend on joining!!