For the past three weeks I’ve been on the NutriSystem diet.  I have lost 10 pounds so far.  I have 35-40 left to go.  How the HELL am I almost 50 pounds overweight?! Full disclosure, I was about 182 pounds.  My BMI was 30.3 – in the obese range.  WHAT THE HELL?!  I was a (tight) size 12. The 12’s are falling off a bit now.  How is size 12 obese?  Lord knows what I’ll look like when I hit my goal of 135 pounds, I may damn well be paper thin.  Or fingers crossed, a size 4.  So I fully acknowledge that I am overweight.  My mom lives with us and likes to bake all my childhood favorites, but I still don’t stuff my face with pineapple upside down cake.  I’m not a huge snack person or a chips and dip kind of gal.  I choose quality food over quantity, meaning I’ll eat less of a better food (for example, gourmet flourless chocolate cake and not a Twinkie).  I can’t use the “I just had a baby” excuse, he’s 1.5 years old now.  So why am I so HUGE?  Age?  I’m two weeks from turning 38, is my belly destined to gain mass with every birthday? OY.

As far as the NutriSystem diet goes, it’s a plan with mostly pre-packaged foods, no stupid counselors to go visit once a week, and an incredible support message board.  And dessert.  Every night.  I add in my own salads, vegetables, and fruits.  The food is mostly really good.  The mac and cheese is hands down better than anything you can buy in a box in the store (yes, even the ‘deluxe’ varieties) – I would eat it even if I wasn’t on a diet.  Their version of pizza isn’t up to par, but that may be because I live in the center of Pizza Heaven (between Philly & NYC) and nuthin’ can compare to our pizza.

Strange side effect from eating better – the other day I went out to dinner and ate a few bites of a breaded fried food, and *POW* my stomach was killing me.  Wasn’t really low in my stomach though, but some spot under my right ribs.  Very weird.  I am now rejecting greasy fried foods – how cool is that!  Planning meals is much easier now because all the food is color-coded for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert/snack.  Of course I still have to cook for my family from time to time (my mom cooks a lot during the week when she’s with us).  All in all I’m on my way to losing a lot of weight and learning better eating habits.

And I am sure to be rockin’ a size 4 bikini on my Rick Springfield cruise in November.