Calling All Facebook Admins

Finally. A 'super admin' function, or at least the ability to control which admins / managers get to control what functions. I remember back in the day when I had a client put an intern (!!!) in charge of their Facebook page just to have said intern delete the business owner from the page & screwed over the business.


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Facebook introduces 5 tiers of page admin access
Facebook now offers pages fives different levels of page admin privileges so that businesses can assign roles to different people without giving up full control of their pages. Previously, all admins …

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    Interesting, we recently had this happen to our Society when one managing the FB page quit the board in a huff and went and started her own Society. Because she administered the FB page she took everything and added one new word which was her new Societies name, there was nothing we could do. It is still creating a lot of confusion in our community. Probably was our fault in being too trusting.

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    Wonderful.  I just shared this with our school district, who allows FB for specific logins and requires each school to have its own page. 

    Once again, thanks for the insight.