Today is "Take Your Child To Work Day"

Last year I took my daughter in the office with me, and she was bored. This year I told her I was working from home & planned on doing a ton of laundry and cleaning.

She picked school willingly.

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    I have an office outside of my home, but I don't get in every day. I am self-employed so it's not like there are a lot of 'activities' planned for take your kid to work day!

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    Its awesome for the kids at my job. Kids sing favorite songs and take pictures with over a green screen with backgrounds of their favorite celebs. They love it.

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    I keep on hearing of these "take your child to work day"s but im just curious as to when you pick the child up, how long do they survive on average? 😛 joke

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    My daughter will visit my husband at his office for an hour, and she'll play ping pong and draw on the dry erase boards. I don't think she could handle more than that.

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    My youngest daughter is here at work. She was being so quiet that I forgot she was here when I went out to pick up lunch for the coworkers. Not my best mommy moment