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This morning we announced one of the most inspiring and motivating parts of the annual BlogHer Conference since 2009: The recipients of the International Activist Blogger scholarships.

After BlogHer won the Anita Borg Institute Social Impact Award in 2008, we decided…with the guidance of our community…to use the money to create our own program to honor activist women who blog.

Since then we've been funding this program ourselves each year, and it never fails to inspire. These are women who are blogging, sometimes at their own very real peril, to make a difference in their communities and across the globe.

Check them out and their work. Thanks. -Elisa

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Announcing the 2012 International Activist BlogHer Scholarship Recipients | BlogHer
Today we are thrilled to announce the four recipients of the 2012 International Activist BlogHer Scholarship! Now in its fourth year, this award is designed to both recognize and magnify the impact of…

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