Long tiring and very productive weekend over. We accomplished so much this weekend (with the exception of actually cleaning the house) I can’t even begin to remember what it all was.  Mostly my husband did the work, he rocks.  He coaches our daugher’s softball team and they won Saturday’s game and finish up the season in first place.  Me, well, I actually went to the food store and purchased items to feed my family.  Craziness is not over yet, I’ve got my brother and his college buddy crashing over tonight so they can get to Philadelphia airport Monday for a week long cruise. Jerks never even thought to invite me. 😉

So what is the point of this rambling post? Nothing. It’s just here to brain dump, to broadcast my brain, and remind all of you my gentle readers how absolutely pointless my writings are. It’s all for your amusement, really.

I’m a bit distracted in general because last week my 90+ year old grandmother wound up in the hospital.  She is out now and seems okay, no battery of tests seemed to indicate any specific issue (well, besides her age in general).  She was released to a ‘rehab center’ to help her learn to walk a bit better (she uses a walker and can barely do that on her own anymore).  I was really nervous that Medicare was dumping her in a nursing home because somehow it was cheaper than providing near-constant in-home care for her.  My mom has been to the rehab center and says my grandmom actually likes it there, a good part because she can press a buzzer and get attention/help right away.  I’m going tomorrow to visit her and see how she’s holding up.  I’m bringing flowers, because a plant makes it seem like she’ll be there a really long time.

On the work front – it’s getting busy. Not my 9-to-5 client, but the really interesting stuff I get to do on my own.  I’ve been keeping eyeball on the converences going on this weekend (TwitterCon & BIZZin3D) as well as a lot of side projects and ideas in the works.  Time to break out the old fashioned pen and paper and get some ideas down in ink!