So this is the third time in three years my left hand/wrist has been splinted or cast (all for different reasons). This time around I injured my hand about six weeks ago at the gym and got some sort of cyst on the back of my hand. In typical me fashion, I let it go until the pain got the best of me. Now I’ve got a good chance of surgery. HELLO… when it comes down it it I’m a typist for a living I NEED the use of both my hands. For the next week I’m in a splint & typing is uncomfortable and slow (but not impossible from the looks of this post).

To add insult to injury I’m back on prednisone. That equals a week of weight gain and a very un-jolly attitude from me. I’m guessing this isn’t a good week to bake a few hundred cookies???

As an aside, people are *stupid*.  Apparently according to my doctor (and Dr. Google) people have tried to get rid of the bump by thwacking a Bible on their hand. My doc says he sees a few hand fractures a year from this. I was warned not to do this myself and assured him I had a higher IQ than that.