“proflinkWrapper”>+Eric Rice. He's smart and worldly and geeky. And smart. I'm not surprised in the least that he would be the person to realize a global connection with people across the world in a Hangout.

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The power of G+ Hangouts
an ever shrinking world

Last night a group of us were hanging out when a group of guys from Kuwait joined our room. It was obvious when they joined that they didn't speak much if any English, but they were excited to see us just the same. After a minute one of the guys pulled out a drum and began playing for us. +Eric Rice , one of the U.S. guys in the hangout recognized the drum our guests from Kuwait were playing as the same model of hand drum he happened to own as well. Eric just happened to have it right near his desk and pulled it on camera to show off to the guys in Kuwait… sure enough, it was the exact same hand drum they had. Eventually a couple other people in the hangout pulled out instruments of their own and it turned into an international drum circle, everyone sharing a little riff here and there. The guys from Kuwait were apparently having a larger drum circle jam type session of their own and they took turns passing the cam around and crowding on screen to say hi or jam out on their instruments.

Despite the language barrier, these guys managed to pull us into their circle and shared a bit of their culture and music. It still just blows me away, that despite all the language barriers, and vast physical and cultural distances, 2 guys on opposite ends of the globe would meet randomly in a hangout AND own the same model of drum.

Anyways, it just goes to show… the distances on the planet are shrinking… and Google+ hangouts are speeding that process along.

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