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I've been asked multiple times over the past few days by entrepreneurs & small business owners who DIY their social media or have a bit of hired help with a specific Facebook question. With the changes Facebook has made with how and IF content from a Page gets displayed in a fan's wall (those people you worked your butt off to get to LIKE your page).

First thing I have them do is understand what EdgeRank is (link attached). When the look of horror is gone from their face when they realize that not every single update they post from their page hits the walls of their fans, they ask for help. Serious help. How do they get people to pay attention to their content if their content is hidden? Same way I advise companies to get their Google+ pages followed.

Good old fashioned EMAIL LISTS. (You do have one, don't you?) Place content in an email blast, ask (don't trick) people to click through a link that gives them more value and information. That link happens to point to your Facebook / Google+ page.

By the way, Google+ does not implement any filtering like PageRank, every single piece of content you publish is displayed to those that choose to circle your page. Now you just need to entice people to circle you.

You DO have a Google+ page for your business, right??

+Lynette Young

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