Wow, it's free to advertise on Facebook?! So they are giving away ad space and the time and resources to create and maintain a digital plan? You still need staff to make the marketing and advertising – now it's just a different skill set. The only thing that should have gone out the window was the media buys.

The traditional media buys are EXPENSIVE. Digital media is less expensive, and it works. I'm sure P&G didn't mean it to read this way, but rather the person that wrote the article doesn't understand much about either industry.

Oh, now there are 1,600 new people on the job market with out of date skills. Guess we are getting a new batch of social media experts soon!

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P&G To Lay Off 1,600 After Discovering It's Free To Advertise On Facebook
CEO wants to put the brakes on his $10 billion ad budget.

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