Let's all keep our eye out for non-geeks that probably have no exposure to SOPA to see if any of these 'blackouts' work. Write about it. Blog about it. Post it to Google+. I am honestly curious…

Here's my thought. The true test of the Reddit, Wikipedia, & Google etc. blackouts (or similar) will be if my MOM tells me about it.

She has not seen one tiny smidgin of information on the television (that I know of) nor have I talked to her about it. She watches Dancing with the Stars and American Idol and shows of the ilk. She is the average American Internet user and in her early 60s. She's on Facebook and no other social network. She has her own Yahoo email address, plus one at her job. She sends me 'chain mail' style quotes and funny pictures from time to time. I don't think she uses the Internet in any capacity for her job, and her social use doesn't include Googling that I know of. She is probably a lot like people you know outside of the magic box sitting on your desk right now.

If the anti-SOPA messages get to her, and makes her aware of the problem, then it's worked. I am not exactly sure the message will get in front of her, or if she will realize the severity of what can will happen if SOPA is passed and enforced.

Just a thought… or twenty.

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