I’m a girl, or at least I was years ago, so I have a good idea of the types of things geek girls like. While at PAX East 2013 (Penny Arcade Expo) this weekend I found the most interesting card game designed specifically to entice and teach young girls to play card/tabletop games – Fairy Mischief. It’s newly listed on Kickstarter right now and my husband and I backed it. While the artwork isn’t final yet, I snapped a few pictures to send to our 11 year old gamer daughter.

She freaked out. (Her words…)  FairyMischief01

My husband and I got a chance to chat with the creator Luke Peterschmidt. He has two daughters and GETS how girls want to game. Totally brilliant. I grabbed a few quick pictures of the mockup cards (not final artwork).

I’m excited to support this project and get the game hopefully by Christmas.