The government wants to tax online game income? And of course the yahoo that seems to be heading this up is from my state. I’m disappointed, but not surprised.

Listen, go bother someone else … like eBay. Tax their shit. Yeah yeah, I know that people that sell there are supposed to charge sales tax (but rarely do). If I make money from Second Life, then I have to report those earnings on my REAL LIFE tax return. The last thing I need is the government getting all Big Brother in my video games. Next thing you know we will be charged VAT taxes and import/export fees for selling prim hair to an avatar outside our country’s borders. Or outside our sim. From there it gets into bugging Furries and Littles. Then they will want access to our real life info so they can track us down outside of the game to collect their money when residents keep creating alts to skip out on their tax bill. THEN the sting operations start. Planting avatars to buy lots of sex, and pose as underage gamers, to hit you with the double-whammy … a tax bill AND a prison sentence.

This is just the government’s way of trying to finally make money (legally in their eyes) on the sex and drug trade. Think about it. They can’t tax that in real life, so they will get their piece from my pixels. Linden Labs better get off their ass and use the money I pay them to defend their residents.