AKA the desk that the girl that lives behind the Lynette Radio avatar functions from. So anyway, this is where I live a good part of my life. Online and other.

I finally cleaned the office well enough to snap a pic. My desk is usually pretty clean, but the bookcases, the floor, inside the drawers… well, that’s a whole different story. Before I could barely move my chair back from my desk, there were filing cabinets and storage closets behind me. Now, I set up another small desk and put my PC there. Still need that stupid thing for Photoshop and all my other graphics programs. Have not learned to love Gimp on my Mac, and even when Photoshop comes out in Universal … #1 I never trust first drafts of software and #2 it’s WAY to freaking expensive.

I’ve been a bit under the weather for the past few weeks, but better now (I think). Cleaning is helping. Getting rid of the crap and the clutter makes me feel better. It’s just exausting living with all this STUFF. Being that I pretty much live in my home office, having it messy just seems to drain me. I still have a huge copier, filing cabinet, and storage closet in my living room, but it’s been a battle to pick someplace to stage all the stuff while in transition. My living room lost. 😉