Got online in 1988

… and haven’t been disconnected since. Friends and I ran a for-fee BBS in the early days where we sold fiction stories (don’t ask) & drink recipes (we were underage). People would mail us a $5 bill in the mail for monthly access. Every month I’d go through a Lotus 123 spreadsheet to mark who stayed on and who got kicked off.

Social Media Marketing World 2014

There is something magical about meeting people in person that you see all the time online. I'm in San Diego again (and brought the cold weather sorry!) to spend a few days with some of the top social marketers & exchange ideas. I am offically overwhelmed at how amazing and excited all the attendees and […]

Happy 8th Birthday Twitter

Here's my #FirstTweet from my second Twitter account. My first account was handmade by the folks at Twitter back when I was working on a project with them in Second Life and they worked at Odeo. Since you couldn't change your Twitter handle back then, I had to create a new one. Currently I'm Twitter […]

Help Choose My New Book Cover!

I need your help choosing a book cover! It took quite awhile for me to narrow down the finalists (THAT was overwhelming!) on +99designs but I'd love your opinion! Help vote for my cover? What cover pops? What cover conveys the contents of the book the best? What would make you want to spend $2.99?! The […]

99 Designs eBook Cover Contest

I launched an eBook cover design contest at +99designs  (! I'm working with the 99 Designs team so that I can see just how easy it is as a small business owner to (painlessly) draw up design requirements, select designers, and select a eBook cover design that best represents what I want to convey in my […]